This is about life’s purpose, not an individual purpose.
I feel life is just about time. Everything(even the existence of life) will come and go; It has to move on around the wheel of time, 24/7.
What or How they do doesn’t matter.
What and How they define the purpose is subtle. Just keep moving on.

Hey Everyone!!
Gourav Barnwal here, Software Engineer at MoneyTap.

Today, I will share some of the things which I have learned the hard way in the Software Industry are:

  1. While in a job, If you don’t know something, ask and confront. But, you can’t ask tech-related doubts with your seniors…

I am answering this question because, after investing around four years in College, I found many students regret joining these Fests, Clubs and Societies. I want each endeavour to enjoy their experiences blissfully.

Before claiming the benefits of joining Fest, Clubs or Societies, I would like to tell about students…

There is no reason why the future should only happen to a few people.
— Ekta (Founder of Shunya)

Let me start with the background story of this internship. How I got into it, why I joined it, and how Ekta helped me?

My Graduation was about to end. I was entirely free and waiting for my job at MoneyTap. I started helping my juniors to get an internship…

Gourav Barnwal

Software Engineer || IITian || || Fan of Harry Potter series. Experience in Deep Learning and software development.

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